Whether you work with babies and toddlers in a day care, or with pre-school aged children in an early childhood or pre-k center, the resources in this section are designed for you. You will find high quality content for young children to engage in across a variety of domains, from language and literacy to play and creativity. You will also find professional development courses and articles to support your own growth and development.


How do educators use Magic Box digital platform?

From working on managing their emotions to learning about letters, sounds and numbers, pre-school aged children are busy learning every day. If you are an early childhood educator, you will find high quality resources here to support your work with pre-school aged children. Lesson plans, activities and games, tips and guidance and professional development courses are organized by age and learning domains including social-emotional learning, play and creativity, early math and problem solving and language, literacy and communication.

Courses for Educators

In this section you will find professional development courses covering a range of topics, including:

  • Multilingual education of preschool children
  • Learning through play
  • Peacebuilding from early childhood
  • Inclusive education in kindergartens
  • Teaching children with special educational and developmental needs

Lesson Plans

Whether you’re looking for motor skill development for toddlers, or a lesson on counting for young children, this section has the lessons you need. You’ll also find videos, read-aloud materials, and games and activities, organized by age and domain.

Activities & Games

If you’re looking for an educational and fun game to do with your class of three-year olds, look no further! You’ll find a variety of games here, across domains, including early math and social-emotional learning. You’ll also find games and activities for younger children, ages birth-2 years old.

Tips & Guidance

In this section you’ll find helpful tips and guidance on how to support children’s social-emotional development, how to read out loud to children, and how to support children with disabilities in the home and classroom.


Digital Education Platform “Magic Box” was developed with the support of UNICEF and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan to ensure continuous access to preschool education.
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